Curly Girl Tips

Why Curly Girls Should Use a Silk Pillowcase

Why Use a Silk PIllowcase

Got a terrible case of bedhead? You’re doing everything right. Using the right hair products. Clocking 8 hours of beauty sleep. But when you wake up, there’s nothing beautiful about that bedhead. What’s a curly girl to do? Take a look at your pillow case. It may be the culprit if it’s not made out […]

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5 Curly Hair Tips You Need to Know

5 Tips for Curly Hair

Hello fellow Curly Girl. The weather is hot and the sun is shining. A perfect time to get to your locks under control. We’ve got 5 essential curly hair tips to share with you from the team at DevaCurl. 1. Toss out your shampoo. Sorry to say that shampoos contain harsh detergents that strip your hair of the […]

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