July 31, 2016

5 Curly Hair Tips You Need to Know

5 Tips for Curly Hair

Hello fellow Curly Girl. The weather is hot and the sun is shining. A perfect time to get to your locks under control. We’ve got 5 essential curly hair tips to share with you from the team at DevaCurl.

1. Toss out your shampoo.

Sorry to say that shampoos contain harsh detergents that strip your hair of the moisture it needs. Never fear, there are gentle, non-stripping cleansers like No-Poo OriginalNo-Poo DecadenceLow-Poo Original, or Low-Poo Delight

2. Say no to Silicones.

Silicones are actually a water repellent. And when it coats follicles to give you the beloved “sheen”, the reality is the silicone is actually preventing moisture from entering the cuticle. The result? Dry, dry, very dry hair.

3. Give your curls a chill.

Hot water forces hair cuticles to stay open which leads to frizz. To help seal curls, finish your shower by shifting to the cool setting. Just in time for summer!

4. Microfiber is your friend.

The textured fiber on regular terrycloth towels rough up the cuticle of your hair and create frizz. To prevent this, swap your towel for a microfiber towel (like the DevaTowel) or a cotton t-shirt.

5. Hands off!

When your hair is drying, do not touch it. Are you listening? Do. Not. Touch. It. At least not until it is completely dry. Pro tip (courtesy of Cal Ellis, the DevaCurl Curl Coach): “If you’re drying with a diffuser, use a low air flow to minimize disturbance to your curls. Then when your hair is dry and you need to refresh scrunch from the ends of your hair.”

OK – good luck out there my curly friends. Here’s wishing you the best (frizz free) hair days. Got questions or need some love for your ‘do? Come visit us at Twist for more great curly hair tips and expertise!