Hair artistry with a twist.

Twist (verb):
(1) To entwine one thing with another; 
(2) To alter in shape or form;
(3) An unexpected change.

Hot off the Rollers

Thank you for your patience while we navigate through this time.
We will be opening a another month up at 5:00pm 3/31 if you want to go online and book your appointment for August.
Please add a note that you were canceled and want to get in earlier if something opens up. As of now we are hoping for May 5 as out first day back.
Thanks you again and stay well. 


alameda team 1Salon Photo by Annie Kohler 2photo 3Salon Photo by Annie Kohler 4Twist Salon 5photo 6Salon Photo by Annie Kohler 7Salon Photo by Annie Kohler 8

Salon Photos by Anne Kohler